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Hey you. Yeah you, who signed my cards and came to my party and said nice things to me all week long. You know who you are.

I read my goodbye cards last night, after Matt and I came home from Esperpento, where we feasted on olive oil eggplant and paprika cabbage and grilled trout and garlic shrimp and on and on; where we debriefed, sighed, signed, laughed, and looked at each other full of meaning but few words.

When we came home, I sat down on the porch to read what you’d written, and you guys just blew me away with your warmth and generosity. So many kind, loving sentiments, and so many great stories revisited. I sat on my porch and laughed and groaned out loud. I will treasure these cards always.

I mentioned at the party how lucky I feel to have been able to work here, with all of you, and I meant it. With all the weird ephemerality of what we do, I nevertheless feel this odd sense of completion and fulfillment, of a job well done, of something tackled and completed.

I am deeply gratified that so many of you are left with happy memories of how we worked and were together, as colleagues and as humans. It was always my goal to be helpful, and even when I’m low I usually can’t help being cheerful, weird as that is. I’m moved by how many of you felt you were on the receiving end of that. I have my grumpy days and short-tempered words sometimes, yet it seems you don’t remember them well, or at least you weren’t remembering them this week and I seem to have been forgiven for them.

It’s goodbye to Jossey-Bass, but hello to so many things. Weaving, sign, belly dance, spinning and knitting projects galore, road trips, visits with friends and family. This includes hello to you, as ex-colleagues, but now friends.

I feel so lucky, and so grateful. Thank you so much for making my last days at Jossey-Bass so wonderful and full of love and hugs and so many good things.


ps: I’ll tell the story of CurvyLou some other day.

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  1. Possibly the best curvy lou blog going. I await updates & pictures &c.

    Bttrmlk Lngjhn.