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We interrupt our usual programming…


“Indefatigable diligence.” ~Elizabeth Gaskell, about Charlotte Bronte

“Slow, ruthless, weary effort.” ~Paula Fox

“Hard and unremitting labor is what [art] is. It is in that labor that I feel the weight and force of my own life.” ~Paula Fox, about writing

“To reach the sublime, through the particular.” ~unk.

That is all.

6 thoughts on “We interrupt our usual programming…

  1. I’ve always been jealous of artists. I believe you are filled with so much life and creativity. How wonderful that existence must be. Great quotes, I love the third one.


    • To be honest, I haven’t always been this way, Eliza. I didn’t know I had an artist inside of me trying to get out until just a few years ago. So many of us have that artist inside, and for some of us something will happen, some life event/s will trigger a cascade of reactions, and we start to have access to creativity and drive. That’s what happened to me. Getting sober 15 years ago was the first trigger, and the removal of part of my pancreas—not an emergency, but a life-saving operation in the long run—four years ago was the second. Creativity is also something I needed to nurture, and give myself permission to do. A lot of us are scared to take the first step, we think we need to either be great or stay on the porch. I started out really small, with learning to knit. Thank you for your thought-provoking comment.

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  2. Hi Curvylou, this was a nice post. Funny how knitting today is considered “stress relief.” I wonder what the woman with the basket on her back — the one who knitted a sock a day — would think of that? I admire people who knit and the things they knit. I wanted to be a knitter because I saw the benefits it has brought several friends, but I found all the dropped stitches so frustratingly difficult to fix. I have a whole basket of yarn and needles that have gone unused for many years. It nags at me when I walk by it and I’m thinking it’s time to let it go. It should go to someone like you, who will weave life into it. It’s a good thing I can go to the store to buy my socks!


    • Hi, Julie. Yeah, knitting is two-sided that way, isn’t it? Stress=relief vs. frustration-city. I feel that way sometimes too, especially when I’m trying something new. Have you considered crochet? It gets a totally bad rap, but there are tons of great patterns on, and you never have to worry about the dropped stitches unraveling, right?! My crochet granny square blanket is one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. (:
      Thanks for your comment; glad you liked the post.