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Small Skein; Giant Bummer


Orange, red, white, yellow skein of yarn with hints of blue. Made of wool, mohair, camel, firestar, and other fibers.

Remember the bloody heart skein from my garnetting post?
Per standard operating procedure, I washed it:
bummer 013 
It’s like me, back when I was drinking. I thought I was all skein #1. Take away the alcohol, and the world view becomes a little more realistic.

Clearly, I need to try again. Garnetting demo, coming up.

7 thoughts on “Small Skein; Giant Bummer

  1. New word of the day Blekchs!


  2. Hee hee! Kind of hard to spell that noise we make when something icks us out, right? (:


  3. Have you tried steam setting?
    I had a wonderful skein of yarn that looks like Juicy Fruit gum until I set the twist and it turned into ugly ugly ugly and as a result have tried steam setting instead.


    • I have done steam setting, and it would have been a great idea with this skein. I didn’t even think of that! And this isn’t the first time this has happened to me! I hope A glug of vinegar in the wash water would have helped, too. I am more suspicious in the future. (:
      So sorry to hear about your Juicy Fruit skein (great name by the way). Textile tragedy. Do you find steam setting any different than washing when you knit or crochet with your yarn? (Or do I remember you saying you’re really more into making yarn than using it?)


      • I do find the steam setting holds the dye in place better, but maybe that’s an illusion. I should do a side by side next time I do some twist setting.
        I find it easier to block when steam set, maybe because it has less moisture and it stays a touch more active.


        • Hmm, really interesting. I like your idea of the side-by-side comparison. I’m currently working on another garnetting yarn with a suspicious dye job. It would be a good candidate for the side-by-side.


        • I just finished spinning the yarn with the suspicious dye job, and actually ended up washing in lukewarm water with vinegar. It worked perfectly, and the dye didn’t bleed at all. I had used this particular blue in a woven scarf before, and it bled so much it ruined the scarf, so i was forewarned. I think when in doubt, I’ll get out my vinegar again.


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