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Really Unsure

“Beware the tyranny of the to-do list.” ~Lasell Whipple

I’m not sure about what I’m doing.

When I was laid off I thought, “Oh lordy, all that time to play.” It’s been a few weeks and now I’m all, “Oh, lordy, whatever happened to all that time?”

A typical week looks like this:
9 hours in class, plus public transport there and back
9 hours weaving lab + transpo
12 hours ASL homework
5 hours bellydance class
2 hours bellydance practice at home
15 hours a week blogging (both interaction and posting on my own site)

Are you counting? So far, that’s 52 hours a week, or about 7.5 hours a day, and I haven’t even eaten, showered, or paid attention to my boyfriend. I haven’t gone to any spinning guild meetings or classes. I haven’t talked to my mother on the phone. I haven’t slept late. I haven’t had lunch with old cronies from the office. I haven’t cooked dinner or cleaned my (nasty ass) room. My niece Lizzie hasn’t come for a weekend visit. I haven’t seen any friends. I haven’t had sex. I haven’t brushed my teeth or blow dried my hair. I haven’t watched a shred of telly (ok, I don’t usually do that anyway). And I haven’t knitted, spun, or dyed a damn thing, which was the reason for this blog in the first place.

I HAVE had an awful lot of coffee, read a lot of really great blogs, and had a ton of fun.

I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I’m really lucky to be doing it. Crazy. But lucky.