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Alive: And as Well as Can Be Expected

San Francisco Mission mural

Asher, Oh my god oh my god I just got your giant letter! Ten pages of wealth! I feel like a drunk. Waitaminite I am a drunk.



Hi again, Sweetie.

I burned through that ten-pager in about ten minutes. I considered reading a page a day and savoring it, but who am I kidding, I’m an addict.

It’s so good to hear from you, to hear of your adventures, and to know that, while you’re still on that rickety train ride from hell, you’re ALIVE and at bottom, you are OKAY.

More soon, I need to re-read this bad puppy. If I can get it back from Matt.

* * *

A Note From Asher About the Blog:
I fully support your sharing your experiences with a wider audience. They are so valuable to me and I can see the good in spreading them around. If for some reason you feel that any of my replies to you would also serve, feel free to exerpt… any part of my sorry-ass story.

In my second letter to him, I felt it was important to privately let Asher know I was posting these, and to give him the option to stop them in their tracks. His generous reply relieves me of concerns I might be sharing in a way that makes him uncomfortable, so I’ll continue posting more Letters to Asher for the time being.

Here’s a list of the series so far:
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