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My Sister Had This Place


goodbye to wendys day 1 (1)
goodbye to wendys day 2 (11)
goodbye to wendys day 2 (45)
goodbye to wendys day 1 (45)

And I was in love with it. Well, I still am, but it’s not her place anymore. She got a divorce, and had to sell.

Matt and I had an official camping spot among the oaks.

The camping spot

The camping spot

The corner of the tent goes exactly here.

The corner of the tent goes exactly here.

We’d always stay out here, even in winter, when it was 40 degrees, raining, and there was a warm house right up the hill.

Jasmine mourns the spot with me.

Jasmine mourns the spot with me.

She looks so sympathetic, doesn't she?

She looks so sympathetic, doesn’t she?

She had a fire pit outside, and cats and dogs and chickens and horses, and once a turkey named Tuk Tuk, who was eaten by coyotes. She raised her daughter there. I can’t tell you how many Thanksgivings we celebrated in her home.

She had 20 acres of rolling oak grasslands. A seasonal stream ran through it, and you couldn’t see the neighbors’ houses from her front door.

The view from the front porch.

The view from the front porch.

goodbye to wendys day 1 (38)
goodbye to wendys day 1 (42)
goodbye to wendys day 1 (56)

When I walked here, I felt absolutely at peace. We owned it, it was part of us. No one could come and chase me away or show me the list of rules or look at me disparagingly because I didn’t belong here. I’ve hiked some, and I’ve rarely walked on land I thought more beautiful. Scorching California oak grasslands, their orange poppies and honeyed foxtail, are the landscape of my heart. We spent our summers in them, growing up, and some of my happiest memories live in long, golden California moments, oak shade, wild grasses waving in the wind.

I will never ever forget or stop missing the beautiful place I was privileged to consider home for so many years. Thank you, sis, for sharing it with me.

goodbye to wendys day 2 (44)
goodbye to wendys day 2 (46)

And then I was home.
goodbye to wendys day 2 (49)

Posted in response to the weekly photo challenge, Force of Nature and the daily prompt Journey.

7 thoughts on “My Sister Had This Place

  1. Lou,
    Amazing photos and descriptions that went along with it. The sadness in your words was palpable. It is as if this change is not something that you desired. And the stark comparison with your hometown. The photos spoke millions of words.
    Thank you for sharing !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Susie–So glad you liked them. I had a hard time choosing which ones to post, I took so many. The change was not something anybody desired; it was something that had to happen, for which there was no better choice, you know? I would have bought it from her, if I could have. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


  2. Ahhh SHIT. And i wasnt going to cry. I’m so sorry Robbee for ripping this amazing place out from under u. I loved it too. SO much. So many fun memories. I know u understand how hard it is to start a new life. In order to get somewhere new, u have to leave something behind. I just wish it wasn’t my heart.


    • Ah, sister, I’m sorry. And I don’t blame you or anything, I hope you know that. I know you needed to take care of yourself, and this was the best way to do that. THAT’s really important too. I completely understand your decision, just had to mourn it in my own way. I hope you guys will be happy in your snug little cottage!


    • And ps: I’m sorry I made you cry! I know how hard this was for you! I love you!


  3. Robin, your sister’s place was beautiful. The wonderful memories you have there will always be yours. And you will create new memories in a new place.
    Hope your sister is doing well.


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