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Not That Cool


Ten things about me you never wanted to know:

1. I’m very uncoordinated. From a dead stop I can run into the door beside me and spill my coffee down my shirt.
2. I am alcoholic, and sixteen years sober.
3. I am a knitter, spinner, weaver, and dyer, albeit new at the last two. Contrary to popular opinion, this will not help me in the apocalypse, because the shit we’ve already made is gonna last for a while.
4. I’ll travel almost anywhere for a good textile conference. I’m a freak that way.
5. I am learning American Sign Language, and considering interpreter’s school.
6. I am learning to belly dance. I’m a brick house, and built for it.
7. I live in San Francisco, in the Mission district. It’s a love/hate relationship.
8. I have an annoyingly large vocabulary; my family hates it when I use it, but my boyfriend thinks it’s hot.
9. I do not watch TV. I have a television and watch DVDs from time to time, but my two-per-week from Netflix rarely gets a workout. I see TV sometimes at my sister’s house, and it always weirds me out a little bit. Plus they make fun of me for not knowing what “Big Bang Theory” is.
10. My boyfriend has at least ten nicknames for me. Honestly, I’ve forgotten more than I’ve put on this list. He comes up with a new one every few months, but these are ones that have stuck:
Female Primate
Meltious One

20 thoughts on “Not That Cool

  1. ” I’m a brick house, and built for it.” LOL! Really love this post! Made me laugh really loud.


    • Marco! It’s been ages! So nice to see you here. My boyfriend says if there was an Olympic competition for jiggling, I could win it. We call it The Jigglympics, and feel it’s very body-positive. I’m constantly practicing, just in case. Glad I made you laugh. Always my aim. (:

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  2. Like Marco, this made me laugh. Brilliant! 😄. Identify with the no TV thing as I seem to have TV addicts in my household, however I do love The Big Bang Theory… I know, I know… slap me now, lol!
    Great post 😊


  3. Oh and really well done on 16 years sober 👏🏽 😃 x


  4. I’m glad to know things about you that I never needed to know, lol. I like you more now jiggs 😉 cute nicknames


  5. Cute and sweet monikers. 😉 What’s with butter BTW? Congratulations on being 16 years sober! 🙂


    • My boyfriend is a weirdo who puts like, a *scrape* of butter on something and calls it “buttered”, so part of it’s a contrast thing between us. Also, when I was little my mom thought there was no taste difference between butter and margarine (no, really). Finally, when I was like, 15, I tasted the butter we’d bought special for my grandma’s visit, just to verify there was no difference and indeed grandma was just the demanding hoser my mom made her out to be, and was like, “she’s mad! That’s delicious!” It was all about the butter after that. What’s denied is desired. (:


      • When I was little, I also didn’t know the difference between butter and margarine, except one was pricier (butter) and the other can be left outsid of the refrigerator (margarine).


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  7. Me: 1, part of 3 (knitting), 5, 8 In the past I learned belly dancing and lived south of San Francisco (in Los Gatos, back when it was an eclectic little tourist town, not the new money hell-hole I hear it is now).


    • Yay for knitters! That’s where it all started for me. I just keep falling down textile rabbit holes. And wow, we have a lot in common. Why did you learn/how do you know ASL? And bellydancing? I don’t know much about Los Gatos, but the way you describe it is pretty much what’s happened to the Mission the past 5 years. That’s why it’s a love/hate relationship. Love the neighborhood, loathe the new neighbors. “New money hell-hole.” You said it, sistah.


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