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How Do I Love Thee

boyshorts (5)Life is stupid sometimes.

I mean, actually, life is pretty great. I like my life, for the most part. The stupid part comes in when I’m too busy to blog. Or I’m doing fun things and come home with stupid, blurry pictures. Or I’m doing fun things but forget to charge my damn camera (as in NO pictures of my niece’s high school graduation).

I’ve been busy lately, despite blowing out my elbow in weaving class and the fact that knitting and spinning have been temporarily banned by my physical therapist. (I am so amused by his name, Dave Silkey. I can’t tell you why. I like torturing him with tales of woe about missing knitting and spinning. He tries to be sympathetic, but he doesn’t really care.)

Nonetheless! I have outsmarted Dave:
boyshorts (1)

My Boyfriend of Awesomeness has the best collection of handmade boxer shorts in the world. Here’s a not-so-curated peek at Matt’s underthings (and yes, the pink ones on the bottom ARE Hello Kitty):


Last week we went to Stone Mountain and Daughter with the intent of expanding The Collection. We came home with three new fabrics. Why yes, he does have a thing for vegetable shorts. Why do you ask?
boyshorts (4)

Combined with the three fabrics I already have waiting in the wings, Matt found himself gleefully anticipating SIX new pairs of shorts, bringing his total to 23. (We think. We’re never really sure if we’ve counted them all.)

First three pairs out of six:
boyshorts (2)

boyshorts (3)

The past few days have been frenzied, as I released my pent-up textile madness. Madness, I say, but anyone would have thought I was stoned watching me slowly and tenderly press the fabric, carefully and lovingly setting every seam and hem. I wanted to suck every drop of juicy textile goodness out of sewing these that I could, because frankly, I’m starvin’ ovah heah. No knitting. Dave Silkey is cruel.

I’m working even more slowly on pairs 4-6. Don’t tell Dave.