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Fair Play: Curvylou Takes A Train Ride

I love the fair.

Cotton Candy, Tilt-a-Whirl , cool oak tree shade. Funnel cake, 4H. Golden California grasses and poppies waving in summer sun. Ferris Wheels. Giant Swings.

Giant Swings at the San Mateo County Fail


Matt and I rode Caltrain out to the San Mateo County Fair a few weekends back. In May, I submitted my Jabba the Hut skein and a small hand-dyed rug I wove for my weaving final to the textile competition.

Wee rug I wove for my weaving final

Close up on wee rug for weaving final

We ate curly fries and hot dogs. We rode the Tilt-a-Whirl. We looked at the photography and paintings and mixed media and saw more quilts than I’ve ever seen in one place before.

The art by the folks from ARC was outstanding. If I’d been working, I would have bought some. It was absurdly affordable, and Matt and I found it more interesting than much of the polished, professional work.

We visited my submissions.


Handspun skein second prize San Mateo County Fair

Handwoven rug second prize San Mateo County Fair

Hey! I won second place. Twice!

SO super cool to win prizes for my first-ever fair submissions. I’d entered them hoping for the judges feedback on my work. Sometimes they’ll write you notes: you need to improve here, here, and here. Try doing this, or this. Feedback can be quite lengthy and detailed.

Instead, Matt and I get to wipe our feet on a prize-winning rug. Life is good.


Bikes on Caltrain. Going home.

Bikes on Caltrain. Going home.