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I Just Love Wasting Time: An Exercise in Futility

Notice Anything?

Notice Anything?

I just love wasting time. Really.

I waste time constantly. I smoke. Sometimes I’ll sit outside and smoke three cigarettes in a row while playing solitaire or 2048 on my computer for 45 minutes, and if you too like to waste time, 2048 is about the most senseless waste of time ever.

I download Craftsy classes, watch half the class, then forget about them.

I sleep a lot. Possibly too much.

I have other time-wasting strategies too.

That’s why, when I tried to sew a backing for a quilt, and I F’d it up, over and over and OVER, it didn’t bother me. Not. At. All.

When I bought the backing fabric, washed it, and discovered it shrank more than expected and I had to go back for more, I was like, “fine.”

When the new piece of backing fabric also shrank even more than calculated (sorry, math teachers everywhere), I was like, “Okay, I’ll go get more; I need quilting needles anyway.”

I finally got the *!/##!* thing pieced together and discovered it was too long one way, and too short the other. I gritted my teeth. Great. Fine. Nothing we like better than an exercise in patience.

After I trimmed the long side and sewed it to the short side backwards, well, you can imagine how thrilled I was. Please note, I’d even finished sewing a zig-zag seam reinforcement, so I get to pick that out, too. Hurray!

Thank god for my new seam ripper.Sigh