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Fear and Loathing in the Bathroom


Backpacking through Europe, alone, for a year? Excellent!

Moving to San Francisco for a new job, knowing no one, nor the city? Okay.

Camping in the forest with my nine-year-old niece? No problem.

Major abdominal surgery to remove a benign yet giant cyst in my pancreas? Let’s go!


I am SUCH a pantywaist.

23 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing in the Bathroom

  1. That’s a dangerous, scary one. August is a fearful month for those bad boys. That’s when they trek around looking for mates and fights. It’s definitely worth a scream or two IMO. 🙂

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  2. oooooooh this has happened to me twice in the morning in the last month. I’m about to step into the shower and there’s a GIANT (ok, whatever) spider. I’m Naked for crying out loud and face to face with a spider.
    As I write this I realize I’m a grown woman who should know better.
    But I don’t!

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  3. Gaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! Dinner plates?! Are you in the Pacific Northwest? I’ve got a friend out there who’s told me tales of massive spiders that she’d throw old-fashioned telephone books on — only to see the phone book walk away. Gaaaaaah!!!!

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    • There really “only” the size of a quarter, but I tell ya, a spider the size of a quarter might as well be the size of a dinner plate. yyeeeooghghl. (That was a shudder.) And holey cats, condolences to your friend, yikes!

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  4. I’ve always thought it was “pantywaist” and / or you just being punny?

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  5. I’ve always thought it was “pantywaist” and / or are you just being punny?


  6. I would rather swim with a shark than have a cockroach (the huge kind that flies, in Florida) in my house.

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    • Oh, sh*t!! Pardon me. Cockroaches that fly. Materials for nightmares. I didn’t know such a thing existed. They’re bad enough when they’re running through the kitchen. I only had those once, and that was by far enough. If they flew at me, I would be a gibbering idiot.

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  7. Panty waist? Nah. Just sensible. EVERYONE knows spiders morph into GIANT venom spewing, people eating machines if you aren’t careful. Me? I’m 55+ years old and the tiniest of the spider clan can reduce ME to a screaming pile of gibberish.

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