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The Attraction of Opposites

Need a doorknob? Ohmega Salvage has it.

Need a doorknob? Ohmega Salvage has it.

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San Pablo Flea Market and Ohmega Salvage were two ends of an extreme, and both were well worth the visit.

At the flea market, anyone who loves to knit or crochet could pick up enough yarn to do so for a very long time, without a large outlay:


I had never heard of Knit-Cro-Sheen, but man, I LOVED that name. I almost bought it.

I really liked this place. The sales people were low key, and several of them were working together in teams to clear out and rearrange various areas. It felt more like a neighborhood gathering than a marketplace, and that included some of the customers.

Two women seeking a vacuum were greeted by name, and replied in kind. The ask for the vacuum was too much; I wonder if negotiation took place and the vacuum successfully acquired. All the salvage yards I’ve ever been to operate on the haggle system.

I didn’t find what I was looking for, but on another day, or on another mission, I might have. I was welcomed warmly by one young man in particular, and we had a short chat about the greatness of salvage yards.

Ohhmega was a surprise. It’s not the classic salvage yard that I’m accustomed to, along the lines of the flea market, Urban Ore, and the Depot in the East Bay, and Scrap and Building Resources in San Francisco.

Ohhmega has a higher class of goods, and frankly, I was outclassed. I went there looking for cheap, mangy, dented, lidless pots to brew chemistry in. I found gorgeous, aesthetic, drool-worthy, well-made pot I’d feel like I was committing a crime to brew chemistry in.

I also found a top-notch joint for home-improvement fetishists everywhere.

They kept the nice stuff outside.

They kept the mind-boggling stuff inside. This stuff was gorgeous. I didn’t know what much of it was, but it was gorgeous, nonetheless. Each individual piece was a tiny work of art, a little gem.
012 - Copy

I can imagine having a home where items like these are in everyday use. A home like this is out of my league, but the head is a wonderful place where all things are imaginable.

Kind thanks to the nice manager who gave me permission to photograph her store, and helped me in my quest for metal scrap. I’m sorry I didn’t get your name!