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Spontaneous Participation


Rosemary dyejarsI’m not usually a challenge follower because I’m so.bloody.busy. But I just found a photo challenge that completely piqued my interest. I’d just taken these pictures of my handspun yarn swimming in backyard rosemary dye. They came to mind instantly when I read Cee’s challenge to shoot peach or apricot tones.

I love the look of sunshine back-lighting dye jars, the background distortion, the condensation and striated shadows.


I love anticipating the time when I can shake them up to distribute the dye. I love coming back at the end of a hot day to find the liquid lighter, the yarns darker. I love squeezing out the yarns and putting them on my fencepost to compare the colors, then popping them back into the dye jar and watching them sink out of sight—ploop!

Thanks to Sandra for leading me to this fun event!

18 thoughts on “Spontaneous Participation

  1. The peach and apricot are great, but it’s those bits of green that catch my eye! Nice light through glass 🙂


  2. Really nice images, Curvy!

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    • MaryLouise! So nice to hear from you, my dear! I’ve been thinking about you lately. I’ve been having cravings for JB folks. I’m having lunch with Pam and Debbie soon… How are you? I hope you and Bob are in fine fettle.


      • We’re grand, CL! We just got back from Alaska . . . two weeks in a beach cabin on the Cook Inlet. Fishing, of course, for halibut and digging razor clams. We brought back 65 lbs. The weather was amazingly sunny so I came home tanned. Can you imagine. I miss JB folks too, but I’m rather far for lunch. I’ll be in SF for my brother’s wedding on the 20th. Looking forward to urban time & food. I read and enjoy *all* your posts, so I probably feel more in touch than you do. xo, ML

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        • likelikelike!
          Mary, ach, I’m pea green with envy! Alaska sounds bogglingly cool, and damn if you two didn’t perform as expected (65 lbs of seafood.nice). Two weeks. Would love to pick your brain about it sometime.
          Hearing you read *all* my posts kinda makes me a giggling heap.
          Naturally, when you’ll be here, Matt and I will be in Humboldt/Sinkyone Wilderness, so I can’t even beg you for a visit. Have a fine time with the fam!


  3. What do you plan to make with the yarn? I think spinning & dying is incredible!

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    • It’s part of a long plan to create a hand-sewn garment embellished with some of the different yarns. It’s a project that’s come into being since I started reading Eric Maisel’s Fearless Creating, and I’m really excited by it. I’m going to post the creating process as I go. Spinning and dyeing ARE tons of fun. I started out knitting, but just kept on falling down rabbit holes. When I was banned from knitting and spinning because of my tennis elbow (a gift of my weaving class) is when the dyeing started kicking into gear. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than playing with textiles. (:


  4. Wow! You dye your own yarn? That is totally neat!!


    • Thanks DLJ! I’ve only just started dyeing recently, and this is only my second foray into natural dyeing. But yeah, I spin it too! It’s such good stuff. It reminds me of getting dirty and playing imaginary games with water and cups when I was a kid, except now I’m actually getting something at the end of it. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is. (:
      Thanks for reading!

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  5. I am so happy you found my challenge. The colors are remarkable on top of the fact you make your own yard. Wonderful! 😀

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  6. What a creative gal you are! These pictures are so unique and beautifully composed. As always, I’m impressed!

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