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Road Trip


TiogaMy sister Wendy spotted this thing whilst visiting. If we hadn’t known better, we would have thought our dad had parked it there and we were still twelve years old.

It was like seeing someone you haven’t seen in twenty years, and realizing that every expression on her face that you thought you’d forgotten was sealed in your memory forever.


Matthew and I are heading north, to California’s Lost Coast, but not in that thing. You take a logging road down to this, and pray they’ve graded the road recently:

Sinkyone Wilderness Barn Camp: Looking North

Sinkyone Wilderness Barn Camp: Looking North

Sinkyone Wilderness Barn Camp: Looking South

Sinkyone Wilderness Barn Camp: Looking South

Back in a week!

19 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Oh Curvy Lou,
    I wish I was going too.
    Even if it would be
    In that RV
    A trip up the California Coast,
    Is just the place to be!

    Have fun! Oh and you will guaranteed!

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  2. *Jealous*
    Have fun!

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  3. I’ve been camping as long as I remember and one year when I was 14 or so we went to Killbear Provincial Park with my Aunt and Uncle and I met a boy and we became pen pals for years. Him and his mom had a motorcoach. I was in a tent!

    Beautiful photos!

    When you come home, I’ve nominated your for a Liebster award.
    love Kristin

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    • Hey, Mini! How cool! I always wanted a pen pal. Matthew and I are tent campers ourselves. We prefer the simplicity of it to RV camping. The RV was my dad’s way of keeping us ‘comfortable’—which really meant that he could drive for ten hours straight without pee or food stops. We drove all over America in that thing!
      Thank you for nominating me for the award; I’m touched! I’ll have to investigate when I return. Happy weekend!

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  4. Road trips. I love road trips. The only thing you’ve forgotten is to swing by and wait for me to get my jacket. Your photos are pronominal.

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  5. Enjoy and I love the poem you got

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  6. RV trip is long due. Me and my husband always plan to get RV whenever we plan a road trip. Looks like a fun trip for you:-) enjoy

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  7. No fair, I agree with Scott….
    You didn’t even act if I wanted to come.
    A road trip. Camping. In that beautiful place. With your hubby.
    I love Camping. My parents took us camping. We roughed it.

    Campfires…..Food. Smores. Oh Not fair.
    Danny and I lived in our RV for 5 plus years.
    We had nightly fires. Ate outside on the picnic table. BBQ’D
    We only moved a couple of times and stayed near the same road we live on now.
    We live and work at a state park where there is camping.
    I can’t get Danny to take me camping anywhere. No road trips.
    Have an awesome time.
    Your Commons 2015 assignment from me is to take LOT’s Of PHOTO Of Everything. FOOD >
    Seriously…Just have fun and be safe. Love you. Sarah

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    • I know, Sarah. I’m so mean, it’s true. (: I love campfires. We’re staying with a friend right now, but soon we’ll be down on the bluffs and hopefully be able to have a fire. It’s been so dry here for so many years, we’re not sure we’ll be able to, but fingers crossed. (:


  8. Maybe a Hummer would work?? Post photos!!

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