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Coffee More

small pile of yarn balls in various rich shades of cinnamon to chocolate

Coffee dyeing was also successful, and I have some pretty yarns for my efforts.

Washed and dried yarns below, primped for their photo-shoot. None of them are divas, and they got along famously.
six tiny balls of coffee-dyed handspun wool yarn in various rich shades from chocolate to cinnamonTop row, left to right are alum, brass, and copper mordanted yarns. Bottom row, left to right, and iron: pre-, pre-and post-, and post-mordanted only:

As with the rosemary yarns, I’m really happy with these.

Particularly, brass, below left, and iron pre-mordant (perched Queen of the Hill) are my two favorites, the brass because of its rich coffee-with-cream color, and the iron, like the iron rosemary, for its rich charcoal. Guess I really like charcoal. Who knew.


I also really like pictures of little balls of yarn playing on my bed:


Playful, rich, deep, alive. Like me, sixteen years sober. I am so blessed. I am so lucky.

Come to think of it, that makes the first round of bougainvillea-dyed yarns even more appropriate. Faded, sad, washed out, like old memories of yearned-for loves.