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Lambtown to the Rescue


Pair of hands, cuffs of blue gingham workshort, plunged into a giant bag of white fleece.

Did I say thank you? Thank you.

Thank you to all the commenters on my earlier Fuck September post. Your comments and support truly helped. I feel a little better, possibly have my priorities sorted out somewhat.

I’m home from Lambtown, had my usual wonderful time, and brought home lots of goodies. I’ll have more about it soon, once I’m unpacked and sorted out. My bedroom is an utter shitstorm, so I guess I should address that too.

In the meantime, some teasers.

Naturally dyed scarves in rust, yellow, peach, with eco-printed leaves and flowers.

Hand-turned yarn ball holders, by Trif's Turnings.

Beautiful hand-dyed skein the colors of corn, dust, golden summer grass.

Fuchsia dye

Rainbow-dyed fleece in Natalie Redding's Dyeing class at Lambtown Fiber Festival, Dixon, CA, 2015.


9 thoughts on “Lambtown to the Rescue

  1. Nice! Looks like sooo much eye candy! Fiber Fusion is this weekend in Chico at the Patrick Ranch again. Thinking about you❤❤❤

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    • It was TOTAL eye candy, EVERYWHERE! My brain was/is on overload. I didn’t buy that much, but I did score some COOL stuff. I was planning to come to fiber fusion again, and crash at your place and but you and Lizzie, but some friends of Matt’s and mine are having their 25th wedding anniversary on Saturday. Licia has MS, and hardly ever sees anyone, so if we don’t go I likely won’t see her for five more years or something. Are you guys going to go? Say hi to the yak for me if you do! I heard he’s going to be there again.


  2. Glad you had a good time. I am heading to Laredo Texas for a bit and hoping for some new perspectives of my own. You take care and love the colors.

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