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Skein of fine handspun spun ivory Merino wool.
Closeup of ivory handspun Merino on a swift.
Just finished the aforementioned Merino wool, and have ended up with about 440 yards, just as planned hoped. “Planned” indicates much more purposeful skill than I actually have.

Closeup of ivory handspun Merino on a swift.It’s super pretty, and very fine, so the dyed threads will work well, I hope, as delicate sewn embellishment on hand-sewn garment/s.

I seriously hope I am not talking out my ass, here. Because I do that. ALL the time. I just bust out all this textile verbiage, like I know what I’m talking about. But really, it’s all experimentation and learning.

Closeup of ivory handspun Merino fresh off the swift, size comparison of 2- and 3-ply to penny.

3ply left, 2 ply right

Closeup of ivory handspun Merino fresh off the swift.

Possibly if I was able to FOCUS on one craft, I might be able to take my skills up a notch, to a true intermediate knitter, spinner, dyer, weaver. But there is SO much to play with, SO much to try. I cannot focus. I do not want to. I want to move as I am compelled to move.
Closeup of ivory handspun Merino fresh off the swift.Closeup of ivory handspun Merino fresh off the swift.

So for now, “plans” are to mordant over the next month, then more natural dyeing. Maybe while I’m waiting around for mordanted shit to dry so I can dip it in some other bath of something or other then hang it to dry again for another twenty-four hours, I can finish those boxer shorts, the half-bagged fleece, the shawl, that fringe, my vest, and some quilting. Maybe.

8 thoughts on “Spint

  1. And some bison? I know what I want to knit with it!


  2. The merino puffs look so beautiful in their natural state! I want to run and leap into a huge pile of it, like fall leaves from a tree, but instead of crackly prickly leaves, I would fall into a scrumptious cuddly marshmallow cloud!

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    • I know right?! Me too! I feel the same way about fleeces. I just want to jump into a pile of them and roll around, especially when they’re still warm from the sheep!


  3. Have you looked at the Master Spinner class at Olds College in Alberta?
    I haven’t even been yet and it’s been inspiring me to work harder on my spinning.

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    • I hadn’t heard of the Olds program before, so I googled it. Sounds like dying and going to heaven. The level six deep study subjects are so interesting. Are you planning to go sometime, then?


      • I’d really like to, although I’m still not sure it will be this summer.
        I am planning to drive there (I live in Colorado) instead of flying.
        I’m still trying to work things out like, where to stay, what to eat, what all I’d need to buy (supplies) as well as decide if I actually count as a spinner who’s skilled enough to go. Huge fear of mine is that I’d go and be the absolute worst (it’s right up there with planning a party and no one showing up!!!).

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        • Totally cracking up! I know that fear. And I have thrown that party. Sigh.
          But you are clearly working your way towards it, anticipating it, figuring it out. If you don’t go this year, I hope you get to do it next year, and feel more confident in your skills.
          I would LOVE to hear about it. If you do go, let us know, huh?
          That will be SUCH a beautiful drive.(I love a good road trip.)