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Bougainvillea Revisited

Pruned bougainvillea

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

176 macerated bougainvillea macerated bougainvillea with water

Vibrant purple dye in four jars.

Close up on a jar of scarlet-purple bougainvillea dye with yarn and fabric slowly sinking under the surface, splattered with colorful dye.

bright orange rust-mordanted fibers sink into red bougainvillea dye.

Rust-mordanted fibers sink into red bougainvillea dye.

Measuring cup full of dark fuscia bougainvillea dye.

Bougainvillea dye, as strong as I could make it, standing by.

White yarn in pot with more bright fuschia dye.

A little more dye into the pot.

Orange and red silk, cotton, and wool yarn.

Orange and red silk, cotton, and wool yarn.

Vibrant and glorious.

100% handspun yarn, dyed with bougainvillea from my front and backyard. It took five tries to get it right! I love seeing all of these pictures together in one post. The progression to successful dyed textile seems a little more inevitable than it did at the time.

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