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Brown is Easy


brown yellow dock roots and secateur
Trimming the brown dock roots reveals the pure yellow insides.I found a surprise bag of yellow dock roots a few weeks ago, and couldn’t help but rustle them outside and play with them. I love cutting up yellow dock roots. They’re so bright and cheerful inside.

The last time I dyed with these (which was also the first time) I had trouble getting a pure yellow from the root—after a short time on the heat, the dye was tinged with black. I thought I’d found a way around it, and I tried that again this time.

I was wary when the particular roots I was cutting were not as vibrant as the ones I cut last autumn.

I was suspicious when the dye stock again became tinged with black.

Nevertheless, I threw in three pieces of cotton, mordanted in milk, soy, and the ubiquitous pee.

Alas, no good. This yellow dock has again supported my hypothesis that Brown Is Easy.
Cotton muslin dyed brown with yellow dock roots..

3 thoughts on “Brown is Easy

  1. Ugh! At least you are getting some great experience!


  2. That’s true. And of course, I already have plans on how to juice these up. (:


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