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There’s a Pharaoh in My Kitchen



And he’s making me pancakes!

5 thoughts on “There’s a Pharaoh in My Kitchen

  1. Wow ! you are lucky. Your house is spotless and beautiful.

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    • Spotless!? Oh… you don’t want a close up, Susie. (: But it is a funny old Victorian fflat, with tons of character—even if it is crumbling around the edges.

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      • Victorian ? In the USA ?
        Please post a photo of the outside too.


        • Oh, yes. TONS of old Victorians in San Francisco, where I live. This apartment was built in 1880, I think… and last updated in the late eighties. It’s pretty funky. The outside is sadly quite boring. The landlord refaced it with concrete years ago, which is much easier to maintain than an ornate wooden Victorian facade. And you are right! I am lucky to have my pharaoh who makes me his wonderful homemade pancakes. NEVER from a box!

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