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Thanks, Eduardo

small patio covered in textiles in various stages of dyeing

Profanity Ahead.

To the freak show at the Valencia Street Computer Repair Co-Op who suggested that my five-year-old laptop wasn’t worth the repair and that I should just BUY A NEW ONE?!! You are seriously out of phase with the real world, dude. How much money do you make? Fuck Off.

Profanity Ends. Cough.

Thanks to eighty bucks and EDUARDO at Bay Computer, this blog is back up and running. Eduardo, you are a prince and a professional. And damn. You are fast. Thank you.

Here’s a couple snaps from the past few weeks, just to mystify readers while I’m working on fresh posts.

Otis Criticizes

Otis Criticizes

One look at his face says it all. He’s clearly thinking, “I don’t know what the hell you’re doing when you ought to be petting me.” I suppose there are worse things. He could have been getting ready to bite me and run, like he used to.


leaf prints on paper

Played with leaf prints on paper.

Played with watercolor paper from the Depot and windfall leaves from about town. You know these goldens and honeys are my favorites! So beautiful, the way the light is shining through. Drool.


Unwrapping a new eucalyptus-steamed bundle.

Unwrapping a new eucalyptus-steamed bundle.

Made several of these, some with wool, some with cotton. Lots of disappointments, but an enjoyable success, too.


closeup on rust dyeing

Rusty Shit Everywhere. Sorry, Matthew.

San Pablo Flea Market was a bonanza of treasures. I could barely carry my booty home, since it was 90% rusty junk.