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Oxalis More


11 copper pipe and string is beautiful (11)

10 unrolling bundles (38)

The Oxalis bundles I posted about a few days ago are crazy. I don’t even know where to start with the bundles. They were stunning when I unrolled them, and developed wholly unexpected colors.

10 unrolling bundles (42)

(Bodily fluid alert. If they ick you out, don’t read the next sentence.) The fabrics were mordanted together in a solution made from bits of copper scrap soaked in my own urine for days, until the mordant turns green. It leaves a light green hue on the mordanted textile, and is supposed to be a good mordant for greens, which were what I was expecting.

As a brief aside, don’t ever let anyone tell you a fermented suint vat stinks. If they do, tell them to try mordanting with copper/urine. Fermenting wool smells like a rank farmyard. Fermenting urine with copper in it? Left in the sun on the porch for five days? I can’t begin.

10 unrolling bundles (34)

10 unrolling bundles (36)

Anyway. Instead of green, and although the Oxalis dye itself was almost an acid green, these developed yellow—and red which, as a guess, came from the interaction of oxalic acid with copper.

The steam-only bundles had clearer, less blurred imprints, but in this experiment, Oxalis didn’t make solid, true ecoprints; color transferred well, but shape did not. Nevertheless, these were really interesting to make and observe, and cottons, linens, and wools all had interesting results. Pictures here are a selection of the steam-only bundles.

I’ll show you the dyed fabrics themselves soon, but take the colors with a grain of salt, because it only got weirder from here.

10 unrolling bundles (29)

10 unrolling bundles (12)

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  1. looks like it came out wonderfully, which is great considering what you had to smell to get it!!

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