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Right Angles Are Hard



079And so are straight lines.

I think choosing the word “misadventure” for my tagline was one of the best and most accurate ideas I’ve ever had.

I’ve been working away slowly on this little lap blanket, my first ever quilt, and I’m in spitting distance of seeing it finished.

I’ve decided I don’t care that I can’t cut a square corner or trim a straight side. That’s what being a beginner is about—the charmingly imperfect, the lovably wonky.

Besides, I think if I tried to care and tried to make these angles 45 degrees and the sides perfectly straight, I’d have a 4′ x 4′ quilt instead of a 5′ x 5′ quilt. And I’d still be trimming. And swearing.

So here I go, sewing forty miles of binding. Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “Right Angles Are Hard

  1. Great job. Quilt making is not easy. I have made a few but can no longer cut so another great craft done for me but I am proud of the ones I have done. Love to see it when done

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    • Yeah, you’re right, it’s not easy. I hadn’t realized it until right now, but i thought it would be easier. Not that difficulty is a deterrent, I already have fabric picked out for the next one. I’m sorry to hear your hands acted up and it was curtains for your quilting days, but yes, finished quilts are sure something to be proud of. It’s very cool you have those.
      I took those pictures a few days ago, and I am blasting through this, I tell you.

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