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Three-Quarter Shimmy


In belly dance there’s something called the three-quarter shimmy (see here, at about 2:20).

It goes up-down-up on one hip, then up-down-up on the other. That’s pretty much what my health feels like lately.

Up: several days with calming spasms and stomach cramps
Down: followed by several days with revenge of the spasms and cramps
Up: calm stomach lets me eat more and I feel less hungry and mad

Up: Number of days without smoking (37!)
Down: stomach acts up again and I’m back on the simplest, smallest meals
Up: My wardrobe is expanding as I lose weight, which is great because all of my favorite pants have holes.

Up: I have a jawline again.
Down: 14 pounds since March 20. I weigh 160 pounds again for the first time in ten years.
Up: My grocery bill, since I’ve changed my diet to help my condition.

Up: I am still going to belly dance classes, riding my bike, and going for walks, all of which are *really* helping me through this.
Down: Sometimes it is hard to figure out what to eat next, and I get really upset about that. The thing about the Paleo diet is There Is So Much Fucking Cooking! It’s really hard to find foods you can just shove into your mouth when you’re really hungry. You can only eat so much fruit or nuts.
Up: I get to eat steak and bacon.

You see how it is.

This blog helps.


10 thoughts on “Three-Quarter Shimmy

  1. Beef jerky!!! Easy to make yourself. Look up recipes, have the store butcher thin slice a roast, marinate it, and dry it in the oven on a rack rubbed with oil at 200 degrees till done to your liking. Yum!


  2. My grocery bill is up, too! I’m in complete agreement on the cooking. And the steak and bacon. But apparently I have no clue how to cook a steak.

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    • I had no clue how to cook a steak until my mom showed me in March. I had no.idea. it was so easy. Which is probably why I’ve ruined every steak I’ve ever tried to cook until now.

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        • Sprinkle steak with salt & pepper, season salt, or whatever spices you prefer. Preheat your broiler to 500 degrees. Throw steak on pan—you can use a rack, or not—and shovel into oven, leaving oven door slightly ajar. (My mom tells me leaving the oven door cracked is crucial.) Depending on thickness of steak—5-6 minutes for one inch thick, only 2 minutes for half inch thick—pull it out, flip it over, and repeat for same amount of time. Then pull it out, cut a slice in the top to peer inside, and check for your preferred amount of doneness. If it’s not cooked enough for you, throw it back in for another minute or two. Won’t take long! Poof & voila—steak! We’re having rib-eye tonight. (: I would love to hear if you successfully cook steak with this. My mum would LOVE to hear her lessons are reaching others!

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  3. Congrats on being smoke-free for 37 days! It took me a whole bunch of tries before I finally quit and I’m so glad I made it!

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    • Thanks, Madgeface! And congratulations to you, too! I was outside, relaxing in the sunshine, and I kept taking these beautiful, deep breaths. I haven’t been able to do that in years, and it felt.SO.good.

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