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For starters, this little piece of heavy-weight plain-weave wool did not come out the color I thought it would. I thought it would be more like this one from this post. The fabric is the same, and I expected the colors to be similar.

108Alas, I believe my oxalis is now comparatively aged, and not yielding the more brilliant colors of its youth (like me).

The first time I dyed with it, it gave up some brilliant, wonderful yellow-greens.

The second time I dyed with it found me with lovely pure yellows and complicated maizes, with sea foam undertones here and there.

090This time? Well, brown is easy.

Okay, it’s not quite brown. Beige, maybe. Taupy beige. Sandy taupe.

It’s not horrible, but it is… well… unspectacular. But I didn’t want to just cast it aside, so I got out my giant bowl of handspun & naturally dyed yarns, and started holding them up to this little piece of unexcitability to see if I could liven it up a little, give it a will to live.

PicMonkey Collage1PicMonkey Collage2

This took a while.

PicMonkey Collage3

PicMonkey Collage4

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