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Addition to the Family


097My living room has experienced an increase in net coziness.


The new pillow is pretty much finished, although I need to keep my eye out for a pillow form that wasn’t attacked by a wild animal*.

In the meantime, my bitchin hand-made pillow is a little bit lumpy, but it does play well with the other articles in my living room.


Plus it reclines real well, and it matches my couch cover, which is stitched in the same running stitch (but made by some poor underpaid “contractor” to Pottery Barn, not me.**)

It’s like I said earlier, this pillow is not the sunny, glowy piece I initially hoped it would be, but is IS earnest and thoughtful and quiet. And I love it.

Just look how well it reclines on the couch.

Just look how well it reclines on the couch.

009Background fabric mordanted with copper/urine, dyed with back yard oxalis; overdyed with back yard rosemary.
Handspun Cormo breed wool yarn dyed with front yard bougainvillea and backyard rosemary.
Hand-stitched, hand-sewn.

*Thanks to Madgeface for the descriptor “wild animal,” which describes it perfectly!
**Add to my misadventures that I was sold that quilt at a garage sale, under advisement that it was hand-made. Clearly I didn’t look at it very closely, because as soon as I got home and put it on my bed, where it looked fantastic, Matthew, bless his heart, pointed out the Pottery Barn tag. I DO believe it was hand made, machines make stitches far more perfect than these. But not hand made in the sense I believed.

6 thoughts on “Addition to the Family

  1. lovely

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  2. I love it! It turned out really really well! And it does recline beautifully on your couch. 🙂

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