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Lovely boyfriend comes back from lovely bike ride with lovely windfall. Don’t know what kind of flowers these are, but he found them on a compost heap in the Presidio, and brought them home to me.

He is so great at small gestures that are large on romance. I need to periodically post about his greatness, so he gets public reminders that he’s appreciated, and that these gestures DO NOT go unnoticed.

His bike is named Pinkie, and she’s the same shade as these flowers, and as a Redbud tree.

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I call this photo "Pinkie goes to heaven."

I call this photo “Pinkie goes to heaven.”

2 thoughts on “Redbud

  1. Lovely flowers (and such a thoughtful guy!) but I don’t think they’re Redbud flowers, those are much smaller and tightly clustered together. Here’s a close up: Your flowers look more like they might be a mallow, but that can’t be right if they came from a tree. I wish I could be more helpful than just being persnickety.

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    • Yeah, I don’t think they’re redbud either, just a coincidental color similarity. I think they’re what I used to call Hummingbird Tree, for lack of a the actual botanical name, because the one by my door in Twin Peaks drew hummingbirds like crazy.

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