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Ffff ff… fft…fttt….

That is the sound of the wind going out of my sails on the bougainvillea dyeing front. I had a feeling these wouldn’t work out.

It’s been fun, it’s been real fun, but after this latest batch—the fifth, overall—I believe I am done. I’m one for five for brilliant bougainvillea scarlet and, sad to say, I now have irrefutable proof that the color is fugitive.


This is my little pillow from earlier posts. It’s sitting on top of a red quilt. At one time, not too long in the past, the stitching on the pillow pretty much matched the blanket in vibrancy. Now, after just a few months sitting in the sun on my couch, the yarns are a moderate orange. I suspect they’ll fade further, to the default brown of a boring natural dye job.


Madder overdye, anyone?

In other news, neck biopsy in an hour. Eewww.