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Ffff ff… fft…fttt….

That is the sound of the wind going out of my sails on the bougainvillea dyeing front. I had a feeling these wouldn’t work out.

It’s been fun, it’s been real fun, but after this latest batch—the fifth, overall—I believe I am done. I’m one for five for brilliant bougainvillea scarlet and, sad to say, I now have irrefutable proof that the color is fugitive.


This is my little pillow from earlier posts. It’s sitting on top of a red quilt. At one time, not too long in the past, the stitching on the pillow pretty much matched the blanket in vibrancy. Now, after just a few months sitting in the sun on my couch, the yarns are a moderate orange. I suspect they’ll fade further, to the default brown of a boring natural dye job.


Madder overdye, anyone?

In other news, neck biopsy in an hour. Eewww.

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  1. This seems like a(nother) good excuse to play with natural dyes. 🙂 I haven’t had good luck with madder, it oranged out on me, but cochineal is pretty spectacular. And avocado pits were fun, though they don’t give a very deep color (pink/peach). Good luck with the biopsy!


    • Doesn’t it though, Madgeface? I agree. I have that bag of madder put away somewhere. I’ve heard it’s persnickety… Matt got me a great dyeing book for my birthday, I’m going to get it out and actually read some recipes for once. I’ve heard low temps are important with madder? Anyway, ANYTHING would be an improvement. Thanks for the good wishes on the biopsy! All over.

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