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Silly Me


rust dyes on linen and cotton

rust dyes on linen and cottonThe bloody biopsy is today, not yesterday.

It’s right there, on my calendar: Wednesday, 1pm. Guess I was anxious, who knew?

I had a nice bike ride to San Francisco General at least, and then on to the grocery store, which I unexpectedly had time for. Today I’ll have another lovely ride back to General.

Luckily, it’s literally ten minutes door to door, it’s that close. And it’s this totally weirdo Twilight Zone bike ride, where I would swear money that it’s downhill both ways.

In the meantime, I pulled a few more rust dyes out of the soup. They’re beautiful and make me feel happy, so here’s some pics. The bougainvillea in the background, though, is laughing at me.

rust dyes on linen and cotton

4 thoughts on “Silly Me

  1. I been on that same road!!

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  2. Me favorite color rust is. Me needing new PJ pants🌞

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  3. May all your bike rides be downhill 🙂

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