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Dear Minigirls*


Dear Lizzie & Becca—

Man, did we have fun with you guys. And that was some GOOD chicken and vegetables!

I love this series of pictures.

Matt notices, but you haven’t yet.

Matt tries to look unposed; You just noticed me.

Matt knows I want a picture of both of you looking at me, tries to comply. You have no idea. Or, yeah, well, you could be ignoring me.

Matt goes back to looking nonchalant. Yer just makin’ chicken.

FINALLY, nice looks/smiles from both at the same time.
All the while, Becca’s just hangin’ out in the background, makin’ us some bangup veggies.

I LOVE that he’s Uncle Matt, even though we’re not married. I’ve LOVED seeing the relationship between the two of you develop since you were ten, Lizziegirl.

I wish I got more pictures of you guys while you were here, but I love the chicken-making pictures, and I’m superglad I at least got this FANTASTIC picture of Becca at the salvage yard** with her new chair.


Thanks so much for the visit! We loved having you here, and ADORED Becca. That girl can come around any time she wants. ps, Becca, so sorry about the pasta.
Dear Readers:
*In our house, I’m “The Girl”. When Lizzie first started visiting me in San Francisco, we kept calling her The Girl. Then we decided we needed to differentiate more between me and her, hence “minigirl.”
**Yes, I took the girls to TWO salvage yards. They went nuts. You gotta teach’em young.

5 thoughts on “Dear Minigirls*

  1. absolutely loved your post and pictures. yes becca is a delightful young lade, they visited last summer. send me copy of pics if you can luv ya

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  2. Just noticed the long green thing in the pics with Matt and Melissa, what the f….. is it?

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    • lmfao! That’s a blade of lemongrass. I bought some to make some soup, didn’t use it all, and wondered weather the leftover plant would root in bottle of water. It went nuts, and I love it. Looks great, actually.

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  3. A delicious post! Thank you. 🐞

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