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It Started Off So Easily


Just a few things. Plenty of room.


Then I started refinishing a dresser.


And a few bikes came.


Plus a moving truck. After that I was pretty overwhelmed.


What do you do when your dreams come true? How do you feel when you get something you’ve desperately yearned for, for years?

I sorted. I organized. I shelved. I popped anti-depressants and called my therapist.

Feelings are complicated, but the short story is I love it here, and I’m looking for a job.


Matt found a bike rack.


I touched a textile yesterday, for the actual purpose of working on it, for the first time since September. I sat in a corner with it, soaking in knits, purls, the comfort and scent of wool in a quiet room.


And I found this on the door last night. No one will get this but Matt and my mom, but that’s ok.


3 thoughts on “It Started Off So Easily

  1. Love the chaos you’ve crea3ted. What fun to go through every thing you own. Going to be sorted by Turkey day? Maybe some of guests will be able to help and I can supervise. Please take this in the true sense of a rubber mallet moment.

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  2. As always, I love your ability to express what you are feeling! And about that rubber mallet. I must know!!!!!


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