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Mad-Eye Chunk



Chunk is continuing to thrive and bring much laughter and joy. He apparently would be a kick-ass Burmese show cat, if my sister did that kind of thing, which she really doesn’t. He’s kind of hydrocephalus.


And his eyes are so far apart, he’s kind of fetal-alcohol-syndrome cat. It gives him this permanently shocked look that I adore.


I’m also interested, however, in his personality, which is also kick-ass. He’s braver and stronger than his litter mates. He was the first to climb out of his bed, first to climb back in on his own, doesn’t cry when I pick him up (one of his siblings has been nicknamed Chickenliver, because he thinks the world has disappeared when you pick him up, and lets you know it.)

He was the first to play, the first to play with a hand attached to a human. He seeks me out when I come to visit. I lay on the bed, and he comes right to me and plays all over me. I’m sure it’s not cause I’m playing favorites or anything. (Ooops.)

Chunk plays like absolute batshit for twenty minutes, and then falls over on me dead.


He plays so batshit, I also sometimes call him Mad-Eye.


9 thoughts on “Mad-Eye Chunk

  1. Would you like to do a guest post on him for our blog? 🙂

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  2. I’d stay on the couch with him to! what an adorable little mop of fur….is he going home with you when he is big enough?


    • Sam, I sure hope so. I have to talk with our landlady–a cat lover–to see if we can amend our lease. If not, Wendy can foster him for me until Matt and I get a new place. But MAN I hope that doesn’t have to happen.


  3. Greeting from Finland! I love Burmese cats and I have three 😉 Very strong type head he has!!! Are you interested in cat shows?

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    • Hi there! Yes, he’s got quite a look, doesn’t he?! We don’t do cat shows; they’re far away from us, expensive, not really our thing. Do you show yours? Nice to meet another Burmese lover! I just adore them. My sister breeds them, and has several as pets, which is how I was introduced to them.