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Happy Much?

Yo, Blog!

Wow, this year has been fantastic.

The short story is: Chico is glorious and we love it. I found work a year ago, Matt’s freelance editing successfully, and we’re trying to buy a house.

I went to the local fiber guild a few weeks back, and when I introduced myself to the group, my friend Kelsey (Hi Kelsey! Sorry I missed Saturday! I had a doctor’s appointment. Stupid timing.) piped up and told them all about you. (I’d planned to keep my neglect of you my dirty secret.)

A few women asked questions, I answered, more questions, more answers, until one woman said, “So, basically you haven’t been keeping up with your blog because you’re really happy.” We laughed pretty hard about that, and then they asked for your address.

Next thing I know, I’m getting traffic. I hope to be back more regularly. I have posts in the can.

Happy Chico Springtime!