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There is a pink dogwood out front.

There is another out back, with one branch of grafted white blossom. There is a pink magnolia tree, immense, across the yard. There is a greenhouse with two old cast iron tubs for starting young plants.

There are lemon, apple, and peach trees, grapevines, head-high hollyhocks, and at least six climbing jasmine. There is room to plant our potted peach, nectarine, apple, fig—and more lemons. There’s room for a garden, too. And cutting flowers. And pollinators.

It is on a quiet street lined with similar tiny, old houses and sky-scraping sycamores and silver maples.

Inside, some of the windows are double-hung, and some actually still have their original weights and sashes from the 1920’s. There are original oak and fir floorboards, wood trim, a cedar-lined linen press, occasional wainscotting, and SIX windows in the room we’re calling the master, which looks out over the back yard.

There is a garage and shop out back, albeit unfinished. The house needs a new roof, the kitchen cabinets need refinishing, and the bathroom tile needs to be re-grouted. It needs twenty minor fixes.


There are NO red flags.


Our offer was accepted. Escrow has closed. We have the keys in our hands.