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About CurvyLou

My name is Robin Stephanie, and I was laid off of work in April, 2014, with a nine-month wait for my termination date.

We work really hard.  Full-time work at any job I know is exhausting given the inadequate nature of most vacation policies to provide real rest, and given our responsibilities outside of the work world. How rare breaks like this are in our adult lives, and when they occur we usually need to find work as soon as we can to remain financially healthy.

I’d been anticipating a layoff for years, have decent savings, and was given generous severance. It occurred to me that a break from full-time employment can be a much-needed rest.

Sobriety in my early 30’s filled me with a passion for life, and for learning as much as I can while I’m here. A life-saving operation for a pancreatic cyst ten years later left me even more hyperactive and lusty for life than ever before.

So I decided to take a risk—and take a break. And live a little, according to what that means to me.

What does one DO on such a break? Knit, crochet, prep one’s own fiber and spin the yarn for doing so.  Learn to weave and to dye.  Learn American Sign Language (ASL). Learn to bellydance. Start a blog. Treat that all as a jumping off point, and see what develops.

So here I am, on January 31st, 2015, one day after layoff, beginning to blog at least the next 12 months of adventures as an intermediate knitter and spinner, and brand new weaver and dyer, belly dancer, signer, and whatever else pops its head up says, “Look at me!” 

Wish me luck. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Updated May 15th, 2018

31 thoughts on “About CurvyLou

  1. Wow, what a gift! Enjoy your time–sounds like you’re using it well!

    I was laid off also; we had the kids for about 3 months and had begun to realize they needed more time than my full-time job allowed. Hubby and I were praying about whether I should quit my job…and then I got laid off, with five months until my actual end date. Talk about an answer to prayer! 🙂


    • Wow right back to you. That’s a relatively straightforward answer to a prayer. Sometimes god takes the scenic route when answering, ey? Answers to some of my own prayers have taken years!


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  3. Hi Robin!
    I have tagged you for the Liebster Award. If you choose to participate, here is my post & my questions for you. (It will come live at 8AM EST, 18th of March)
    Happy blogging (:


  4. I resonate with you. I also took a break from my career, though my reason is to take care of my kid. I agree, that this is the best time to explore other activities. Find your passion, enjoy your time like never before, do crazy things and make the rest of the days memorable. Good Luck.


    • That sounds like a most excellent reason to take a break, Jahnavi, and so good for your kid. I am trying my hardest to make the most of my time, although honestly I’m so busy that sometimes taking a nap seems like the best way to do it!

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  5. Robin, glad to see that you’re making the best use of this break! Wow! You do a lot. What a wonderful gift!

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  6. Enjoy your journey as I will follow. So much of the world to discover and experience. You are fortunate to discover the wisdom and knowledge of life.


  7. Go, girl! Glad I found you. I’m curious to see what kind of “niche” you may (unexpectedly) “notch” out for yourself. I crochet, ride bikes, and hope to get to know more of your story as your blog progresses!!

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  8. Sounds fantastic to me.

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  9. How exciting. I am so happy I came across your blog. What an adventure. Enjoy every moment and I am looking forward to reading about it. I used to belly dance in my younger days. It was solo fun!

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  10. Thanks so much, Amy. And yeah, the dancing is SUCH good stuff. I want to add that Afro-Haitian so bad!


  11. To know what you like and want to do I should follow YOU!
    All the Best in your Venture.
    God, I and the World is with YOU!
    Go ahead!!!
    Won’t you visit me on your way ahead, if I can be of some help.
    Be sure of the warm hospitality.

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  12. I think you’ve got a GREAT attitude about your 18 months. I was ‘laid off’ (in my case a euphemism used by the HR guy to avoid a lawsuit I think — I was not to be invited back, if I got the inclination to go back, which I did not) in 2010 and spent the next 24 months (less a bit) nursing my chronically ill husband until his death. After his death I found that I could not face going back to the dog-eat-dog world that commerce and health care and any other type of business has become in the 2010 decade…so I’m out of the rat race permanently. I believe you are quite a bit younger than me though, and continuing to press on is probably a very good idea. I’m looking forward to reading your posts! Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way! 😀

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    • Thanks so much, Shyutgirl. Eeww, your layoff sounds rough. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. I’ve lost family members, but never a mate. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. After my father died, I found myself much less patient with the dog-eat-dog of things, but yeah, need to press on for several more years. I’m 46. My boyfriend and I call this my ‘sabbatical’, but I know it has to end. Sigh. And thanks for stopping by, right back at’cha! (:


  13. CurvyLou, I nominated you for a Liebster…if you want to participate, the post is here: I appreciate your sense of adventure, your photos, and that you are a fiber artist.


  14. Hi Louise! I’ve just nominated you for a well deserved Liebster Award! Please follow this link to accept:
    And congratulations!!


  15. Hi! I am throwing out a new challenge: a 2minute free write on why we crazy people think writing is such a good idea! Please link to my blog if you decide to do it! Sam


  16. I don’t know if you ever get my replies to the comments you leave in the dark history of my blog but I always appreciate them. I will be taking that rug to the commercial laundry this weekend. I usually just leave it out on the deck rail in the rain for a while’s nasty.

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    • Hi Deb! Yes, I do peek back to see if you’ve answered, as you sometimes do. Thank you for letting me know you appreciate the comments I’ve been leaving “in the dark history” (great phrase, that). I do enjoy a good archaeological blog dig, but don’t usually find myself moved to comment so frequently on old posts. I your case, I just need to shout out loud sometimes.
      And thank you for following me!


  17. Hi Robin, I saw in your 23Feb2016 that you found a copy of Jarvis’s Rust-Tex instructional CD. I have been looking everywhere for a copy. (Lois no longer makes them.) Any chance you still have it? If so, could I buy it or a copy?


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