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A Case In Point

I’ve been trying to find a cover photo for this post for an hour. A statement piece, you know, as to what I’ve been doing for months besides writing blog posts.


Look at that FACE. THIS CAT moved into my brain and shoved the textiles aside. I didn’t even fight.

He walks on a leash. He knows his name. He rides in a bike basket. He fetches. He snuggles inside our shirts. He sleeps under the blankets with us. He runs to greet me when I come in the door after work. He comes to a whistle. (OK, only most times.) We kneel on the floor and say “up up!” and he leaps to our shoulder. He lets you kiss him on the cheek, nose, and LIPS. He purrs so hard he chirps like a cricket sometimes. His eyes are round, large, and golden. Strangers have said that when he looks at them they feel as if he’s looking into their soul.

My mom rolls her eyes and says we’re like parents with their first born. She’s right, and I’m sorry if that’s annoying. Although I don’t see it stopping.

He’s my first real pet in adulthood and I am besotted. I am trying to get back to the textiles. Marv and me, we are hashing out a system where he gets to be involved but he doesn’t get to run away with the yarn. It’s really more about me than Chunk Marvelle. If I could tear myself away more often, maybe I’d spend more time in that studio I’ve talked about.

And there actually are some textiles in the works. I’m going to try to get pictures today.

And then there, you know, the house and the move.

This blog post is a perfect case in point for distraction. He’s stood on my lap and appealed to me ten times since I started typing. And now we’re going to play.