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Good Holey Cats, Have I Ever Been Busy*

Wendy and her daughter Lizzie

Wendy and her daughter Lizzie

    My niece Melissa’s graduation from High School (3-day trip to Wendy’s) (gobblegoblgobbbbelgob!) (Sorry; can’t help the inside jokes.)
    Visit from Wendy and Melissa the following week (Lizzie!!)
    Finals in ASL and Weaving classes
    Belly dance classes twice a week, and a student salon last Sunday
    ASL Epic Deaf Jam storytelling and poetry at Sweet Inspiration
    Boxer shorts marathon
    Physical therapy twice a week for my stupid weaving elbow
    PT exercises for said elbow every freaking day
    Bicycle rides to the farmer’s market where they have the BEST nectarines on earth, and to the grocery store
    The other farmer’s market
    San Mateo County Fair, where Matt and I visited my Jabba the Hut skein and a little rug I wove for my weaving final
    Spinning guild
    ASL study every freaking day
    Blogging 101 on WordPress
    Sewing samples for a new Craftsy class I’m addicted to, which included rifling my entire fabric stash (fun stuff!)
    Patching three pairs of holey pants
    Falling over dead and watching movies
    Trying to take the perfect selfie
400 pictures later

400 pictures later

Have I missed anything? Probably.

I may actually blog some of these adventures. Wish me luck.

*I’m realizing learning new things is part of my core personality. Yesterday I visited here, and was captivated by Monica’s thorough list of websites offering (mostly) free courses on everything from genetics to archeology to knitting.

After opening every link, I had to come back here and revisit my list, whereupon I see that roughly two thirds of my adventures are either learning new skills, related to learning new skills (I would NOT be in PT if it wasn’t for weaving!), or practicing skills I’m aiming to improve on. Thank you, Monica! If I ever have time, I know where to go for more! (That archeology class on Hadrian’s Wall sounds fascinating.)