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020 (2)All I wanted to do was stuff a pillow case.

All I wanted to do was remove the pillowcase from this 1$ ugly piece of crap I bought at Thrift Town so I could use the internal pillow form to stuff my new rumpling.

But it turned out that the pillow form was sewn into the seams of the external pillow case, so that when I cut off the pillow case, I had these weird side seams of blue pillow material that I couldn’t get rid of.

Sorry for the shitty picture, but I'd lost my mind by this point.

Sorry for the shitty picture, but I’d lost my mind by this point.

Oh, yeah, PLUS the pillow form itself was full of accidental holes by this time. I swear I tried to be careful, but I was more like Edward Scissorhands than I care to admit.

So then I thought, since the thing was already so mangled, that maybe I didn’t need the (ripped and holey) cover around the pillow form, I could just use the plain pillow form, so I started cutting that off too.

It just got uglier from there. I roll my eyes at myself. I can’t decide if I love it or I hate it when I do things like this. I mean, it sure would be great if I just knew what I was doing sometimes.