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Mine Mine Mine!

Well, THAT was a busy month.

Except for I got nothing done.

Because I’ve been too busy playing with MY NEW KITTEN.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. My sister was supposed to find a buyer for him, and he was supposed to go home with some stranger 12-14 weeks after he was born. Our lease says no pets.

And then I was talking to my niece Melissa, who asked if I was going to ask Wendy for him, and I said no, and mentioned the reasons above.

I don’t know what happened next. Saying it out loud made me sad, I guess, and I started thinking about working around obstacles. I realized I could ASK my landlady if we could make an exception to the lease. I realized I could ask Wendy for him. I realized I could ask Wendy if she would be willing to foster him for me until Matt and I buy a house. Asking couldn’t hurt.

And my sister, amazingly, incredibly, said yes, I could have him. I can pay her when I get a job, and I can work some of it off in her cattery. I was floored.

I had thought she’d either sell him to the highest bidder, or keep him for breeding. And I was doing my best to take a hands-off approach, because this is her business and I didn’t want to interfere with that. But after saving his life, and all the time I had spent with him, I just had to ask, and in return I received the most amazing gift.

And then, the first thing my landlady said when she saw him was, “Jlskflkdsjfl dslfldks eeeeeeee!” as she reached for him. A few weeks later, we paid her a pet deposit, and moved him in.

First day at home, 11.5 weeks old, sleeping on Flowers the stuffed alligator.