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Holey Mackerel


Well, holey mackerel.

We’re in.

I replaced my computer, which went to the computer hospital mid-move, but it was sadly DOA. Older items were backed up, but I lost A LOT of newer pictures I took for the blog, and way too many partially written blog posts. (Dammit!)

Then I lost my camera. And found it. But couldn’t find my cord or charger. Then I found them. But lost the camera in the meantime. Bit of a shit show.

But we’re in. We’re settled. We have a tiny, soothing sea-foam green bedroom where we go to sleep and get up at times we choose.

We’re still speaking to each other, despite some difficult days and a few exchanges of seething death-at-you glares. The biggest problem so far is that the laundry room floor is so slopey we can’t get the washing machine balanced. We’re about ready to take it out back and slaughter it.

We miss SF, rather dreadfully at times. Pictures of friends with kids on a bus on Halloween kind of broke our little hearts a bit. Urban kids. SF kids, brought up on the Muni lines and BART, standing no hands, surfing the bus as it flies through the dark. There’s definitely an excitement and a gritty toughness to living in San Francisco that we will miss.

Then we shake our heads and hear the fucking HOOT OWL IN OUR BACK FORTY. And we come to our senses and know we’re steady, in the right place.
The studio/bike room is coming along. I hope to post regularly again from now on. Thank you to everyone who told me they missed my blog. You warmed my cockles at a difficult time.