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tiny knitted blue and white stocking christmas ornament
As has been stated, “Meep” is the sound made by something very small and very cute.

I knitted this for my sister Wendy to hang on her Christmas tree. She has a blue and green aquatic theme this year, based on her adventures in Belize a few months ago—the vacation of a lifetime, she says, and dreams of going back. She’s calling her tree a “spirit tree,” and it’s representing a huge change in her life, a rebirth of self.

I don’t usually go in for Christmas, for various reasons, but I wanted to give my sister a token of affection and support. Spinning the yarn for it gave me extra chances to stuff in more love.
tiny knitted blue and white stocking christmas ornament

Possibly they don’t wear wool socks in Belize, but the knitted jellyfish didn’t work out.

18 thoughts on “Meep!

  1. Ah, Lou! This is precious. I love that you did this for your sister with your own special talent and yarn! I do so love yarn, for various reasons. The color, the texture, but my only real claim to fame is the booties I make. Some have been hilarious.

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  2. Do you have an online store?

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    • I don’t. Maybe someday, but not yet. Do you have thoughts on what might be interesting to purchase from said as-yet-imaginary store?

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      • Your yarn, your creations, your patterns, maybe even on-line lessons of who you make your yarn to simple lessons for “new” knitters. You could easily set up a PayPal account linked to your site (it’s free) as well as advertise on Pinterest, Etsy (or maybe you already do.) Just thinking. Beautiful stuff!

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  3. Most people don’t wear Sox in Belize, most are either barefoot or where flip flops. This little sock is precious as the colors perfectly match the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. When I opened it, I squealed,”eeeeeeeee!!!!”. It on the top of my pagan spirit tree now. I LOVE it. Thank you, Robbee!!!


  4. The first word that popped into my head was “precious.” It’s unanimous.

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  5. Aaah I love it. The love in it makes it so special. I am sure Wendy will love it too.

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  6. What a lovely post and a super special gift! Just love it! You are so talented.

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  7. Meep is a lovely word, and what a cute little sock!


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