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My Eyes Are Bleeding


My living room, being lived in, with textiles all over the bloody place.

I love this picture.

It’s got everything but the kitchen sink in it. My spinning wheel, three antique oak chairs, my ancient living room heater, a fleece plopped on top of one of the chairs, in bags, ready for washing, and a leaf that apparently stuck to my ass and got walked all over the house for hours, until I discovered it stuck to my sewing chair.

It also has the two newest pairs of shorts in Matthew’s Collection.


Pair #24: My Eyes Are Bleeding
Orange boxer shorts with yellow, blue, and white flowers, and yellow butterflies. Ouch, my eyes.

I actually really like this fabric. It’s whimsical, vibrant, and I particularly like orange. I also really like that my boyfriend is not afraid of flowerey, bright fabrics (where his shorts are concerned anyway—socks are a different matter.) It’s just that the photographs of it came out so. painfully. bright. These are the only two less bright photos. The others looked positively fluorescent.

Closeup on orange boxer shorts with yellow, blue, and white flowers, and yellow butterflies.

And Pair #25: My Grandmother’s Wallpaper
Boxer shorts with wide flowery stripes in red, pink, blue, and black.

Matt loves these. He wore them to work today. Or maybe they wore him.

5 thoughts on “My Eyes Are Bleeding

  1. I love them! And particularly the leaf incident!

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