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Red-flowered Sashiko cloth and pinned binding

I’ve promised myself I’ll finish three stalled projects before starting in on any madder and indigo dyeing.

This is a small Sashiko-style cloth project I started last August, to practice running stitch and hand-stitched borders for my first quilt (which is still languishing, by the way, one of said unfinished projects).

My sewing machine was VERY cheap, and when it died, it wasn’t worth the money it would take to resurrect it. My dear sister Lori gifted me with her old sewing machine last Thanksgiving, and I’ve finally sat down to finish this little cloth, and then hopefully the quilt.

I find the handstitching very soothing and meditative. Which is good, cause I’ve got what seems like forty miles of it my future.

8 thoughts on “Finishing

  1. That is such a beautiful pattern! 😍

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  2. I have faith that you will finish all”in progress” projects when they are ready to be done you don’t want to know how many things I have ” in progress”at the moment, artistic and craft projects a mere drop on the water a,ong them. I have faith in your ability to do better than me! Beautiful photos of the one project, by the way. Keep up the great job!

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  3. I love the idea of 40 miles of stitching.

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