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036So, I finished the sweet little quilt, and am waiting for Matthew to come home from a bike-camping trip so he can help me hang it on the wall and take a beauty shot.

We have one wall in our apartment where this is possible; it’s in Matt’s bedroom, and I’ll have to move the bed.

In the meantime, I’ve been slowly working on the little rumpled piece pictured above. I’m working on it for my own pleasure, but also to show my friend Sam, who asked me in the nicest way recently if I was ever going to finish anything.

I do have issues finishing things… I either get so excited about the next project that finishing gets put off, or a project is so long term that all I’ve been doing is experimenting with making possible materials for something, without a clear goal in mind.

That can be frustrating, I think—at least I know it frustrates me when I read other people’s blogs—and I was totally moved when Sam asked me that question, because first of all, I’d been thinking about it myself, and second, Sam’s smart and rad and passionate—and interested enough in what I’m doing and writing about to want more. That’s COOL, and made me feel really good. (Thanks, Sam!)

So Sam, that little rumpled bit will hopefully be a finished something soon, and maybe at our next knitting night I’ll have something actually finished to bring in and show off.

The background fabric is a wool blend dyed with oxalis and rosemary from my garden. The red threads are handspun wool and wool/silk dyed with bougainvillea, also from my garden, and are the original, soy-mordanted yarns I created in those posts.

Also, as an aside, a million years ago I posted a list of Matthew’s nicknames for me. Nickname du jour is Rumps. Because I like to rumple. Mmm hmmm.

(You can also add a G to the front, and it describes me well, lately.)